About Us

We are an issues based, rather than party based activist group.

We are diverse in who we are as a group and community, but united in our commitment to restoring and preserving individual sovereignty.

We oppose the Social Credit system fathered by the CCP and feel strongly it has no place in a country founded on the idea of freedom.

We are not globalists. We believe everyone and all jobs are essential and no one, no governor, or mayor has the authority to infringe on any citizen's legitimate livelihood.

Legislation is often passed with little to no regard for the people.

Our goal is to create an awareness of bills being proposed and influence new legislation in a positive manner.

We want to find ways to engage our community in local politics that affects our schools, churches, and health. We want to ensure that emergency law cannot be invoked indefinitely in any future crisis ever again.

We want to fully restore and maintain our religious freedoms guaranteed in the constitution.

We oppose vaccine passports. We believe in medical freedoms.

We believe we can maintain our individual differences while working together to successfully promote and defend our shared values.

We oppose mask mandates and feel it should be illegal to force people to wear masks. 


PO Box 501
Nashville, TN, 37135, US

About us

Nashville Sentinels goal is to influence public policy in Nashville by supporting and electing conservative Nashville residents into city and state government. For more information please email us or sign-up for our daily newsletter. 

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