Our History

The Nashville Sentinels influence public policy in Nashville by supporting and electing conservative residents into city and state government. Below is a timeline of our brief History. 

We began recruiting in Mar-May and our first activity was in June.

In June we confronted Senator Corker’s staff twice to challenge his Obamacare position.

We lobbied Nashville city council when it first considered becoming a sanctuary city.

We took action to support a local conservative in his run for City Council. 

Worked to defeat Nashville’s $9 ($20) billion light rail transportation plan.

Worked to force Nashville’s mayor Barry to resign. 

Worked to elect Carol Swain, conservative, as Nashville mayor.

Worked to elect Bill Lee as Governor of TN.

Worked to elect Marsha Blackburn as TN Senator.

Worked to elect Carol Swain in her 2nd run to be Nashville mayor.

Worked to elect Steve Glover to Council-At-Large.

Lobbied the General Assembly for the heartbeat bill, the governor’s Education Savings Accounts, and to make TN a party registration state – closed primaries.

Lobbied the Republican SEC & General Assembly that TN become a party registration state.

Some of us became very active with Diane Canada in her campaign for the D-56 seat.

Responded to a request from C-A-L Steve Glover for assistance to help defeat the Mayor’s 32% proposed prop tax increase.

A special Sentinel team researched aspects of Nashville’s financial history and we collaborated with Steve on how to communicate his position to Nashville residents.

Sentinels then built and funded the web site lowtax4nash.com to oppose the mayor’s proposed increase 32%.

Site lobbied the mayor and city council. We then began working once again with Steve Glover to recall Mayor Cooper and certain council members who actively supported the 32% property tax increase.

Our recall effort resulted in: our design of RestoreNashville.org, a new collaboration with certain downtown businesses and a strong boots on the ground effort during early voting.

We met and continue to meet great Davidson County conservative activists.

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Nashville Sentinels goal is to influence public policy in Nashville by supporting and electing conservative Nashville residents into city and state government. For more information please email us or sign-up for our daily newsletter. 

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